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Why get a Hair Transplant in Turkey?

There are thousands of reasons why wearing hair in Turkey is better than doing it in Spain. If you’re not sure, here is a comparison of some of the most interesting facts. To this you must add the years of experience, and is that in Turkey were and continue to be pioneers in technology and new techniques, taking years of advantage over other countries.

Comparison of techniquesSpainTurkey
TechniqueFUSS – FUT/FUEFUE Sapphire or DHI
Type of anesthesiaLocalPossibility of pre-anaesthesia (not painful)
Number of follicles1.500 – 3.000Up to 5,500 bulbs. Between 45-50 follicles per cm².

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Painless anesthesia

Standard Package

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4 days and 3 nights

DHI Package

(without shaving)

Round trip flight
5***** stars Category Hilton Hotel
4 days and 3 nights

Why Global Health Hair?

We are the first approved Spanish hair transplant agency in Turkey and we exclusively offer the possibility of being operated on by Dr. Ugur Altuntas in person, who together with an experienced medical team, already has more than 16,789 satisfied patients who have already benefited from the excellent results offered by the revolutionary hair transplant techniques FUE Zafiro (Follicular Unit Extraction) or DHI (Direct Hair Implant). Both treatments are minimally invasive and painless thanks to a small application of local anesthesia.

Clinic awarded Best Customer Experience 2016, 2017 and 2018

ISO 9001 Certification

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How is the Global Health process in Turkey?

Do you have doubts? Learn about the process of hair grafting in Turkey, from arrival at the airport to return home.

1. First day in Turkey

Upon arrival in Istanbul, the private transfer will take you to the Hotel to rest and prepare for the next day’s intervention.

2. Second day

On the second day, the intervention is performed; pre-operative examinations and the necessary blood tests are carried out beforehand. The visit/interview with the doctor is carried out and at that moment all the pending doubts are clarified if there are any, lines of definition, coordination of the intervention, etc. The duration of the intervention varies according to the patient’s case. The operation in the clinic is carried out with the help of a Spanish/Turkish translator.

3. Third day

On the third day the doctor performs the control and medication. In addition, the clinic will give you all the specific recommendations for the post-operative period. After the visits to the clinic there will be free time for sightseeing if desired.

4. Return home

On the fourth day the last clinic visit is made before your return to Spain, washing, information on the products to be used, delivery of documentation, guarantee certificates, the invoice and the list of care instructions to be carried out once in Spain. You will be given a certificate of the number of implanted follicles, bearing in mind that from each follicle there may be one to three hairs. In addition, once in Spain, you will continue to have Global Health’s contact telephone and whatsapp for any consultation and post-operative control.

Whatsapp: 648 423 777

The most professional and advanced hair grafting techniques

(AAT) Advanced Alopecia Test – Trichotest

Dr. Ugur Altuntas will assess the quality and strength of the scalp in the DNA Test of personalized alopecia, prior to hair transplantation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When do the first hairs begin to grow and change is noticed?
After 1 week, maximum 10 days we will begin to see how the first hairs start to grow.

Can the transplant be done during the summer months?
The transplant can be done during the 12 months of the year without any problem.

What is DHI? Who can do it?
The technique DHI (Direct Hair Implant) is possible only in the following cases:
· Good blood circulation.
· Grafting sessions of no more than 2,000 follicles.
· This technique allows the patient not to shave.

Can I get a haircut/go to the hairdresser before the operation?
The client must come to the clinic with a minimum haircut at level 3 and not lower.

What experience does the doctor have?
Dr. Ugur Altuntas has more than 16 years of experience in the hair transplant sector and more than 16,789 internationally recognized patients.

What do I have to wear on the day of surgery?
For the day of the operation you will have to dress comfortably, with a button or zippered shirt. And sweaters and jackets with buttons or zippers. To avoid anything going through your head.

Are customers satisfied with Global Health’s services?
100% of our clients are satisfied with the result.

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