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Global Health – Hair Transplant Turkey

Travel to Turkey

Get to know Istanbul, the bridge between East and West. The cradle of a dozen of civilizations throughout 5,000 years of history. A land where the ancient and the modern coexist, where dramatic landscapes meet the best beaches, amazing ruins of old civilizations, excellent cuisine and the genuine kindness of its people. Enjoy your stay.

5-star hotel included

Enjoy your stay with the best service at one of the best hotels in Istanbul (Hilton-level). The best Turkish baths, the best tea, a carefully-crafted gastronomy… Pickup and airport-hotel transfer available (WIFI) included as part of our hair transplant Turkey full package.

Be yourself once again

Solve your hair problems with our world-class team of capillary graft specialists. We put the best and most cutting-edge hair transplant techniques (FUE) at your disposal. The experienced and well-reputated Dr. Ugur Altuntas will be responsible for carrying out the operation.

since 1.759£/1.960€

Doctor Ugur Altuntas – Capillary Graft Specialist

We have the best and most experienced team of doctors specialised in hair transplants Turkey, based in Istanbul. All FUE technical hair implant treatments are practised in a modern and prestigious clinic located at the Besiktas neighbourhood.


We offer the most effective procedure having amazing and quick results with 100% satisfaction guarantee. Take a look at our all-included pack and let us take care of everything.

Hair transplant doctor - Dr. Ugur Altuntas

Dr. Ugur Altuntas

Nº 1 doctor in the performance of hair transplants in Turkey, with a track record of over 15 years and more than 6,000 satisfied patients. Put yourself in the hands of our hair implant expert.

Hair transplant Turkey results

✓ Guaranteed results

All of our procedures are performed by Dr. Ugur Altuntas and his confidence team, who guarantees the best results after the treatment. Working in one of the most known and highly valued clinic is synonym of quality service.

Hair transplant Turkey

All-inclusive pack

Book your all-inclusive pack: trip + transportation + translator + hotel + hair transplant. Get the best unmatched prices by Global Health. Custom-tailored financing if needed.

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Hair transplant guarantee


Satisfied customers


Satisfaction guaranteed

Patient testimonials

Hair implants Turkey

I opted for Global Health for financial reasons, and even though I was a bit apprehensive, I am quite satisfied with the outcome.

Transplante Capilar na Turquia

Clinically, everything went perfectly, and the service offered by Dr Ugur Altuntas and his team is wonderful. I encourage people to come and undergo the procedure.

Hair transplant testimonial Amir

Excellent service and a 100% recommended experience. I would do it again without a doubt.

Hair transplant testimonial Issam

I went with a friend and we both were very happy both with the stay and with the procedure. I encourage anyone who is unsure to go ahead and do it.

Hair transplant testimonial Francisco

A friend who had already been treated by Dr Altuntas recommended him to me, and I would have done it sooner.

Hair transplant testimonial Isaac

At first I was a little scared, but after the hair implant Istanbul experience, my advice to anyone is to go ahead and do it; you won’t regret it!

FUE Hair Transplant Technique

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is a hair transplant technique that consists of directly and individually extracting follicular units. This procedure consists of extracting hair from the back of the head and implant it in areas where it is scarce.

The FUE capillary transplant treatment is painless, mildly invasive and leaves no scars.

“You will not find a better chance to regain your self-confidence.”