Advantages of a hair implant using the FUE technique

Many users contact us full of doubts because they do not know what differentiates the FUE technique treatment from others or what it contributes to them. Discover today what are the advantages of a hair implant using the FUE technique.

Stimulation of hair growth

Why get a hair implant using the FUE technique?

There are many reasons that will lead you to choose this successful hair implant technique. Specifically, we give you nothing more and nothing less than six. Are they enough? Read them and discover that together they make the FUE treatment an ideal option to enjoy a new life in which your mane is the protagonist.

No scars

It seems impossible because it is a treatment in which the follicles are grafted on our scalp, but it is true, this technique will not leave scars, the components directly prevent marks from forming on the skin. That is, the finish, aesthetically, is perfect, completely natural.

This is pleasant for anyone but becomes necessary for those who have short hair and obviously do not want to show a head full of tiny wounds.

On the other hand, we must consider that there are people who have a difficult healing, either by their particular characteristics or by going through a temporary situation.

Finally, indicate that it is even the solution to disguise previous scars.

Rapid healing

Any technique that offers “similar” results will require a period of time for the leather to adapt to the implants. The FUE method offers a very fast healing time.

No rest

From the above, and also for the simplicity and professionalism of the treatment, to know that after undergoing a FUE hair graft we can return to our routine. It is only necessary to take into account certain considerations and care for some particular cases such as sports and, in general, any activity that involves the follicles are stretched.

For narrow scalps

Some people have a scalp that is too narrow, that is, too thin. This makes other treatments impossible. However, the FUE technique is not ruled out in this case as it needs very few millimetres of depth for the hair to be effectively implanted.

Why get a hair implant using the FUE technique?

Natural look

The FUE technique favours the growth of finite hair at the nape of the neck. This is done so that the appearance is natural, remaining similar to the natural growth of hair that, if you touch yourself, you will see that, the last hairs on the neck are thinner. In fact, these are usually shorter (there are people who have up to a couple of centimetres of really short hair), thin and even have a different tone.

Finally, one of the six advantages of a hair implant using the FUE technique is that it stimulates hair growth.

Presumably, between the graft itself and the post-surgical treatments, the hair will grow stimulated. However, what is truly surprising is that the FUE technique causes the presence of hair on the rest of the body.

So much for today’s post on the advantages of a hair implant using the FUE technique. Remember that you can contact us to resolve any doubt or question you may have. A greeting and until next time!

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