Advantages of a hair transplant using the FUE technique

When a user begins to learn about hair graft surgery, the first thing he encounters is the types that exist. Although there are some more, the great current debate and the bulk of treatments are carried out by two of these interventions. We are going to tell you about the advantages of a hair transplant using the FUE technique, which is what our distinguished doctor Ugur Altuntas specialised in and what we offer.

The 10 advantages of a hair transplant by FUE technique that will make you decide

Let’s look at 10 reasons why the FUE technique is an excellent hair graft option.

It is minimally invasive

Since it is a minor intervention, performed in a single session and without strict specific needs, it is considered minimally invasive, something that can be verified by the simple fact that the patient leaves the clinic quietly shortly after completing the graft.

Local anesthesia is used

This type of anesthesia facilitates recovery and prompt walking home, as well as allowing the user to be aware of how everything happens (something most patients prefer in minor interventions).

Scars are invisible

When an individual follicular extraction is performed with a very precise scalpel, the incision is minimal, so much so that the scar that remains when healed is invisible to the eye.

In the same way, the receptor zones, when populated considerably also remain covered, so that the incision to introduce the follicular unit is not seen either.

As little hair as possible is removed

There is great precision in the number of units to extract and graft, so that we do not lose density in the hair or invest more time than necessary in the intervention. A professional study allows us to know exactly what we need and where we will obtain it in order to optimise all the resources, both those of the medical team and those of the patient.

The donor areas are multiple

Although it’s not the norm, it’s important to know that you don’t just get the chance to use hair from your scalp. If necessary, you can choose follicles from the chest or beard, for example.

Hair growth is constant

You are not going to stagnate or need to spend periods hiding at home. With the FUE intervention your hair will grow constantly, checking the results day by day.

You don’t lose sensitivity

Do not lose sensitivity immediately or in the long term. Once you recover from anesthesia, your recipient area has 100% sensitivity. So much so that you will begin to feel the pain of having made multiple incisions and you will even have to take medication to soothe it; you will feel everything perfectly!

Post-treatment care is simple

We have already given the most pressing indications about the post hair surgery process. What we indicate, broadly speaking, is to be very careful with all aggressive actions on the scalp, both physically and in terms of exposure. However, all considerations are simple to comply with and nothing is demanded beyond the obvious that you can imagine: no stretching, no rubbing, sleep carefully the first few days, etc..

Naturalness of the result

The last of the advantages of a hair transplant using the FUE technique is that completely natural results are obtained. When your post-surgery process is over, no one will know that you’ve grown hair, unless you’re the one commenting on it proud of it. If you need more information about hair grafts in Turkey, do not hesitate to contact us.

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