Advantages of beard hair transplantation in Turkey

Indeed, you have read well. If you ever thought that there should be a beard transplant, congratulations, not only have you got it right, but it is also an increasingly applied treatment (in fact, in the U.S. it is a fashion today). So, nothing, enjoy knowing what are the benefits of wearing a beard.

7 reasons to have a beard transplant in Turkey

Undoubtedly, this procedure has a lot in its favor to have become a widely used resource. We tell you 7 pros or advantages of wearing a beard in Turkey.

Different recommended techniques

This procedure can be performed using various techniques depending on both the donor area we have or want to use as well as the amount of hair needed. According to convenience, you can opt for the novel FUE technique (follicles are extracted by follicular units) or for the strip technique (a strip of hair is extracted).

Large extraction area

Hair can be extracted from many parts. The usual thing is to choose the cervical or temporal zones but we have the possibility of resorting to any other, always considering the interests of the patient.

FUE technique hair graft

It’s not just a beard

Although we speak of beard, it is necessary to indicate that, in addition to this area, we can put hair on the moustache or sideburns. This is, designed the total of your facial hair, completely satisfying your aesthetic needs.

Postoperative very simple

There is no inconvenience in the days after the treatment. You will be able to clean yourself normally one day later, using neutral and high quality products.

It is possible that, depending on the situation, part of the skin may be spotted, which will peel off shortly afterwards. It is also possible that the donor area may appear to be poked; don’t worry because this is normal and disappears quickly.

Adapted growth

Although in a beginning, and as it is logical, the growth of the grafted hair will be the one that corresponds to its nature, the certain thing is that it has been able to see how, with time, this growth is adapting, resembling something more to the one of the facial hair, being even easier its maintenance, that in itself is inexistent once the postoperative one has been successful.

Compatible with other treatments

To put on beard is not incompatible with other treatments of growth or enrichment of the facial hair and the dermis.

And all the advantages of wearing hair in Turkey

In addition to the above, we must end by commenting that the last of the pros of hair transplantation of beard in Turkey is the set of benefits that would have hair and that are related to the country. A competitive price, the most expert hands, a single session treatment, luxury accommodation, 90% guarantee… Discover them all.

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