Before and after a hair graft

Results after a hair transplant:

In this gallery you can see before and after photographs of patients who have undergone a hair graft (with the FUE technique or the DHI technique) in Global Health Hair with Dr. Ugur Altuntas.

You will also find video and testimonies of the experience of our patients before and after hair surgery.

How much does a hair graft cost?

Evolution of a Hair Graft (hair graft month by month)

How much does hair grow from month to month after a hair transplant? It is one of the most frequent questions our patients ask us, as they are eager to see results as soon as possible.

First week after hair surgery

As you can see from the photos, the area is slightly inflamed. This phenomenon is normal and appears in the operated area from the third day after the operation until its complete disappearance on the sixth or seventh day.

You can also see small blood clots, these are the points where the incision has been made and will disappear between the fifth and seventh day.

Second week after hair surgery

Two weeks after the operation, the inflammation will be completely gone. The grafted hair will begin to create a slight crust in the points where the incisions have been made. It is important to use only your fingertips when washing until at least 21 days have passed.

First month after hair surgery

We can see that the operated area is slightly red, this will last several weeks. After the third week, the patient will begin to lose the transplanted follicles. This is completely normal, and is part of the telogen phase (third phase of the hair growth cycle) after a hair transplant.

Second month – How long does it take for transplanted hair to grow?

We will begin to see a growth of the patient’s real hair 2 months after the intervention (one month after losing the transplanted follicles). These hairs will be very short, but will noticeably improve the appearance of the implant.

Hair implant stage 3 to 4 months

This period of growth can vary between patients. But the normal thing is that during the month 3 and 4 (postoperative capillary) the patient can observe as they appear more “new” hairs that increase the perception of volume of the hair.

These hairs will be characterized by being thin at first, with time they will become thicker and stronger. Another important point to highlight is the possible appearance of acne or small pimples in the recipient area. Again, this is normal, and is a positive indicator that new hair is being generated (especially not touches or explotes these grains, they are quick to heal).

Evolution of the hair graft, phases from 5 to 6 months

Around the 5th month (after the hair operation) the patient will begin to notice a “regrowth” of hair growth. This phase is characterised by the fact that the hair starts to grow longer (between 5 and 7 cm) and take on volume, where the hair root will become thicker and thicker.

From the eighth month to the tenth it will be where the patient can see the greatest capillary progress after the operation. The hair will be much longer and stronger (with greater thickness). The result after this phase is practically the definitive aspect that the patient’s hair will have.

Final stage of hair transplant, 12 months later

One year after hair surgery we will see the final result of the operation. The patient will be able to see with satisfaction how, again, he has hair again.

The hair will be hard and firm, having a 100% natural look. At this point you will be able to wash, cut and comb your hair as you wish.

Testimonials and opinions of patients after a hair operation in Turkey

Find out what some of our customers think about our service

Excellent treatment and 100% recommended experience, I would certainly repeat.

Amir, Ceuta

At first I was a little scared, but after the experience I advise all those people to dare to do it, they will not regret it!

Isaac, Zaragoza

I went with a friend and we both left very happy both for the stay and the intervention. I encourage all those dubious people to do so.

Issam, Ceuta

I was referred by a friend who had already been treated by Dr. Altuntas and no doubt would have done so before.

Francisco, Barcelona

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be hospitalized?
Hospitalization is not necessary. The treatment lasts several hours but it is not compulsory for the patient to spend the night in hospital. Subsequently, post-operative observations and treatments will be carried out, so that we can corroborate the state of the scalp, if the implantation has been totally correct, etc.

When do you see the final result after a hair transplant?
After 1 week, maximum 10 days we will begin to see how the first hairs dawn and growth begins.

Can I get a haircut after a graft?
It is not advisable to cut your hair (with scissors) until at least one month after the operation. Once this stage has passed, you can cut, wash and comb your hair as you wish.

For the use of hair clippers, we recommend a prudent time of one year for the receiving area and six months for the donor area.

What is a donor site?
The donor area is the one from which the hair follicles will be extracted. It is usually the nape of the neck, although sometimes we also take hair from the parietal area.

Are hair implants temporary or permanent?
Our doctor estimates that almost 100% of the transplanted follicles can survive once the operation is over. This percentage is guaranteed by professional clinics specialized in the treatment and with years of experience.

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