What is the best age to have a hair transplant?

Starting to see important hair growths in the shower or on the comb after the age of 20 or having knowledge about grafts by the age of 70. Are they too young or too old to do this? what is the best age to have a hair transplant?

Alopecia is a problem that affects people of all ages, which is why people of all ages are of the most varied ages. Although there is an average patient, the truth is that there are very young people who want to remedy their early baldness as well as older people who, as we say, have just learned about this hair implant treatment.

This is the best age to have a hair transplant

It is important to know that not everyone is a successful candidate for this hair transplant surgery. You will have to receive the assessment of an expert, who will know whether or not you are suitable for it. The considerations taken into account are:

  • What the receiving surface looks like.
  • How many hair follicles there are in each follicular unit.
  • The patient’s race and sex.
  • What is your hair tone.
  • The characteristics of the donor area.
  • The general health of the person undergoing treatment.

Based on the above, it can be determined whether a person will be a good candidate for the capillary intervention, that is to say, whether it will be a notable success. Therefore, and bearing in mind that this is a cosmetic procedure, there are no age restrictions; if you are in good health, have a good hair tone and a dense and strong donor area you can probably enjoy good results in this intervention regardless of your age.

Although, we do have to say that doctors generally have a preference for patients between the ages of 30 and 40, which, in turn, is completely normal, since it is the age group in which the population, especially men, is most concerned and by far with this problem.

This is because there are certain factors that will condition the success of the capillary implant, both in young and old age.

When have a hair transplant

Why does a hair transplant not work on a young person?

If the donated hair is still affected by the hormone DHT, it will continue to fall out as the time comes. Therefore, it is possible that if a person with that hormone still working has a hair transplant, some of it may fall out over the years.

Why does a hair transplant not work for an elderly people?

We have to be sensible and aware of our own situation. It is possible that at an advanced age our alopecia is very unstable and, at the very least, we should first try a stabilizing treatment; otherwise, the intervention could not have all the desired success.


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