Best hair transplant technique, ¿robots or manually?

Hair transplantation is an intervention that, like most, can be performed in different ways. But here’s how to get the best results with the FUE technique.


If you’re looking for information about getting a hair implant, you may have read about using robots. They are fast and do not work autonomously but are managed by a specialist. It is usually used when you do not have much experience with manual extraction.

Forgetting their use, the rest of the treatment is still completely manual, so these robots are the only technological tool used in certain types of hair transplants.

On the other hand, it should be mentioned that. Although fast, they also fail. In this case, the treatment would be half-hearted, which is undoubtedly a complete interruption that can have quite a few bad results, although this is not the norm either.


Robotic hair implant


Another disadvantage of using robots to implant hair is that the patient needs to wear a sensor, which will prevent him/her from moving the whole session, which, let’s remember, is very long.

In addition, this robotic piece still needs further improvement; in fact, it cannot remove donor hairs from all parts of the head and is therefore very limited in this respect; not all patients have an accessible or convenient receiving area for the robot.

Finally, we find that this can only be used on brown people whose hair is straight.

What is the FUE method?

Thus, today, the FUE method is the best method for hair grafting.

Although technology is more than welcome in all areas and makes authentic – almost – miracles in medicine, the truth is that in our case it cannot offer the results that our doctor obtains manually, through the FUE hair transplant method.

This intervention lasts several hours and the work, both professional and client, becomes harder if the area to be treated is larger. Even so, each and every one of our clients knows that they will have the exclusive attention of the doctor Ugur Altuntas.

FUE technique hair graftThis FUE capillary implant technique can be used regardless of your hair color or structure; in addition, you have access to any recipient area so you can choose where to pick up hair from, multiplying the options.

The work is very meticulous, using a micro scalpel of smaller size than the robot, allowing us, in this way, that the follicles are implanted at a shorter distance from each other, offering a more natural result and, of course, allowing many more hairs to be transplanted and the area to be widely populated.

In addition, with a size of even 0.7 mm, the punches leave minimal marks on the scalp and, most importantly, the follicles are less damaged.

To enjoy all these advantages and obtain the best results with the FUE method is not more expensive. In fact, there are clinics where even robots, because they have to cover the investment, are included in a more expensive treatment.

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