Hair transplant using the DHI technique

Despite the fact that the FUE technique is the most widespread because of its very good results, the truth is that in hair surgery there are also some other alternatives. On this occasion we will talk to you about hair

Transplanted hair does not fall out

Hair implants are surrounded by myths, information that is not confirmed or doubts due to the impossibility of believing that the hair can be recovered (there are few things that really work and it is easy to distrust). One of

To know if I can perform a hair transplant in Turkey

I’m sure that if you’re reading this, it’s because on occasion you’ve thought “Can I have a hair transplant in Turkey? This viability depends on several factors and, of course, yes, we are going to tell you, so that you

How to disguise female alopecia?

The lack of hair is a problem for men due to the fact that many more are affected. However, precisely for this reason, a woman suffers more intensely, at a psychological level the consequences. The baldness in this case is,

Advantages of beard hair transplantation in Turkey

Indeed, you have read well. If you ever thought that there should be a beard transplant, congratulations, not only have you got it right, but it is also an increasingly applied treatment (in fact, in the U.S. it is a

How to end baldness and regain a smile?

We have already talked about the main reasons why hair falls out, giving you some ideas about what to do to try to avoid it. However, the problem may not have a solution, either because too much time has passed

How to maintain healthy hair?

There are many hair problems that, whether you are a man or a woman, you will encounter throughout your life. Knowing how to maintain healthy hair is essential so that the impact of these is minimal, as well as their

Differences between FUE and FUSS transplant techniques

Today there are two hair transplants that represent a solution to alopecia; we are talking about the FUE technique and the FUSS method. And although both are applied with the same objective, these procedures safeguard some differences that deserve a

Reasons why hair falls out

Alopecia is inevitable on many occasions. However, knowing the reasons why hair falls out can help us, and a lot, in certain moments of our lives when we see the comb full and do not know what to do. Why

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