Can a hair transplant be performed in summer?

We are often asked if a hair transplant turkey can be performed in the summer. The short answer is yes, of course, but, of course, we want to show you a little bit of where this question comes from and,

Tips to prevent hair loss

Although hair loss is one of the great concerns of the first world, the truth is that, with the exception of a few cases in which we can do nothing, it is a situation that should not become something serious

8 myths about hair that are not true

In addition to being curious and making us a little more cultured, this post about 8 myths about hair that are not true has been written to help you understand a little better, and in a curious way, how hair

What’s the right temperature to wash our hair?

There are many things that can affect hair loss, even the most unsuspected. Something as simple as setting the temperature when we get in the shower can affect this and other aspects. Today we are going to tell you what

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