Hair transplant in Turkey for young people

Putting on hair is something that is thought and decided with age. In general, the average patient in our clinic is a 45-year-old Caucasian man and beyond. However, that does not mean that there is no hair transplant service in

Cost of a hair transplant in Turkey

Unfortunately, hair loss sometimes has no solution to slow down, let alone reverse. There are times when all we can do is wear a wig or hair. The first option is cheaper a priori, but quite a nuisance; the second,

Fue hair transplant in Turkey

FUE hair transplantation in Turkey is a widely demanded service worldwide, because it includes everything that anyone with alopecia may need. What is FUE hair transplantation in Turkey? This concept refers to the action of removing the patient’s hair to

Hair transplant using the DHI technique

Despite the fact that the FUE technique is the most widespread because of its very good results, the truth is that in hair surgery there are also some other alternatives. On this occasion we will talk to you about hair

Transplanted hair does not fall out

Hair implants are surrounded by myths, information that is not confirmed or doubts due to the impossibility of believing that the hair can be recovered (there are few things that really work and it is easy to distrust). One of

To know if I can perform a hair transplant in Turkey

I’m sure that if you’re reading this, it’s because on occasion you’ve thought “Can I have a hair transplant in Turkey? This viability depends on several factors and, of course, yes, we are going to tell you, so that you

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