Cost of a hair transplant in Turkey

Unfortunately, hair loss sometimes has no solution to slow down, let alone reverse. There are times when all we can do is wear a wig or hair. The first option is cheaper a priori, but quite a nuisance; the second, however, after a brief post-operative period, stops worrying us and offers many advantages. If you’ve been thinking about it for sure, you’ll be interested in knowing the cost of a hair transplant in Turkey; we’ll tell you for sure!

How much does it cost to wear hair in Turkey? Aspects to consider

This intervention, in spite of not being, at all, of the most expensive as far as aesthetic or medical procedures are concerned, does have a price that must be considered and, in addition, a series of expenses associated with the trip to be treated in this country. Even so, we must say that its final price is still much more affordable than in the vast majority of countries, including ours.

  • The procedure. The intervention itself is, as we say, much cheaper than it is here and in many other countries.
  • Travel. However, in order to do this you will have to reserve a part of your budget for the trip from your home country to Turkey.
  • Accommodation. In addition, you will have to spend at least a couple of nights staying somewhere, as the full service is impossible to offer in the same day.
  • Displacements. Of course, travelling in a country that is not known, with a language that doesn’t even ring a bell, means that we end up opting to travel privately. We will have to go several times to the clinic and, of course, arrive from the airport to our place of accommodation and vice versa.
  • Translation Honestly, going to Turkey for medical intervention and not understanding the language is irresponsible for us. Of course, you have a lot of time, from your country, to communicate with us and clear all your doubts, but the ideal is that you have a support when talking with our professionals, so that you can understand what is happening, what the doctor advises you, and so on.

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Price of hair transplant in Turkey

Real price hair transplant Turkey

We will not hide our rates or give you excuses; we are very clear about the price of our outstanding services.

At Global Health we offer a package that includes all of the above for 2.190 pounds (2.480 euros). This means that, for that price, not only do you leave the practice with one less complex but we will have taken care of absolutely everything that has to do with you from the moment you decide to deal with us until you get home.

This means a considerable saving, because… imagine having to contract everything separately! The price would skyrocket. We can offer a very good offer since we have agreements with hotel chains, airlines and other companies and professionals who are part of the group.

Besides, you don’t just save money, you also save money on worries. The moment you say yes we take care of everything; goodbye to stress and wasted time with the all-inclusive Global Health hair transplant pack!

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