How to disguise female alopecia?

The lack of hair is a problem for men due to the fact that many more are affected. However, precisely for this reason, a woman suffers more intensely, at a psychological level the consequences. The baldness in this case is, to this day, worse seen, is criticized more and, therefore, the user tries to hide it at all costs. If this is your case, don’t worry because we are going to give you some advice to disguise female alopecia.

8 tips to disguise female alopecia

We don’t have one, two or three, we offer you eight effective solutions so that you don’t notice if you lack a little hair.

A good haircut

You can’t imagine how much a good haircut helps. Bet on thin bangs and layers. To comb it, curls and cardings (but well done, not tangles) will make any thinning of the scalp disappear.

Try the wigs

A wig will make you forget about your problem while allowing you not to mistreat your hair and give it all the care it needs. In addition, you can choose to have several and change your look as much as you like. However, our best advice is that you bet on buying those of high quality, you can comb them, apply heat and even color and look natural.

Wear handkerchiefs

The handkerchiefs are the perfect allies for their versatility. You can place them in a triangle, as a bandana, as a headband with the specific thickness that interests you, creating a smooth finish, with a knot, with a ribbon …

And we have said handkerchief precisely for its possibilities but you can vary using hats, hats, caps, pamelas …

Use extensions

The extensions are not useful to populate the scalp but to use them as a complement, for example, to a cap. These will give volume to the mane when you add quantity. They will also be used to fix some haircuts. But… watch out! Use clip-on haircuts to avoid mistreating your hair.

Woman hair graftOr microline

It is a hair prosthesis implanted in a mesh integrated in your own hair. The result is very good, especially if you combine it with other solutions. The downside is that you have to replace it every few months.

Give hair makeup a chance

You’re going to get spectacular results without any kind of invasion. You can use powder or hair fibers; both products are easily and quickly removed.

Apply Minoxidil

Minoxidil is a topical drug with very good results. In fact, it is recommended to our patients until the time of intervention.

Their problem is that these results fade as soon as the treatment is finished, which is why they always need to be used, and it is not exactly a cheap medicine.

Get a hair graft

The last and definitive way to disguise female alopecia is to wear hair.

It sounds difficult, it is radical, we know it, but, without a doubt, it is the most effective way to make sure you have beautiful hair without the risk of staining it with makeup, without the extension falling out, without having to be covered, wearing the haircut you like best and, above all, having hair, as in the past.

After knowing this information, you can contact us to perform your hair transplant.

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