Legends of hair grafts that are false

When you are considering hair transplant surgery, you look for information in large quantities in the hope of finding the information that will resolve all your doubts and make you form a decision about whether or not to do so. Among the many things you will be able to read, surely there are some legends of hair grafts that are false. Keep an eye out because we don’t want you to be misinformed. All you are going to read below are (false) myths about hair grafts.

6 (false) myths about hair grafts

Get to know the most common believed myths about hair transplants and take the step!

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Getting hair grafts hurts

In order to graft the hair it is necessary to make minimal incisions in the scalp. However, the area is completely anesthetized. Afterwards, we will feel the discomfort of a little scratch that is beginning to crust, which is really what happens.

It’s best to do it in your youth

Negative. In fact, it is necessary to wait, in the case of men, for them to stop producing a hormone causing the hair loss which, if maintained and transplanted, would cause the hair to keep falling out. That is why, in fact, opting for this treatment at an early age would be counterproductive. It is only appropriate if a specialist has analysed your receiving area and the hormone is already lacking. You can check out this post about “What is the best age to get a hair transplant” to see more information from a deeper perspective.

When you transplant hair, it falls out again.

This is a half-truth. It is possible that you have met people who, after putting on hair, have dropped it. This is something exceptional, typical of doctors who are not professionals and who do not know how to make a correct study of the patient’s characteristics.

As we have commented in the previous point, it is necessary for the man to stop secreting the hormone that makes the hair fall out. It is only the follicle of hair that is not affected that can be transplanted. If you choose one affected by the hormone, the fall will continue to occur. So, when you transplant hair, it falls out again ONLY if you do it wrong.

Your result is artificial or unsightly

The definitive result of a hair graft is completely natural, imperceptible. It is true that after surgery there is a process during which both the recipient area and the donor must adapt, showing, especially the first, strange, inflamed, with the puncture marked on the scalp, reddened and even crusty. However, as the weeks go by, all this disappears and the implanted hair becomes long and thick until it is confused with natural hair.

Treatment exclusively for Men

Despite the fact that most of our patients are men and that androgenic alopecia affects 40% of men up to the age of 40 and 95% of those over 70, it is worth mentioning that almost 5% of our agenda is made up of women.

You are not eligible for other hair regeneration treatments

The last of the myths about hair grafts that are false is that when you get them you can no longer perform extra hair regeneration treatments.

This is not only not true but it is advisable to complement the intervention. These will work on the cellular renewal of our scalp while promoting hair growth. In addition, the best results are given if we take an extra of certain vitamins and amino acids and use a specific shampoo.

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So those are the 6 false myths about hair transplants that are commonly believed among many people. We really hope that we clarifyed some of the indecisions that some of you may had about going into a hair surgery or not with those 6 myths being busted. For any other question or doubt that you may have, please, contact with us.

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