Farewell to the crown; the before and after of a hair transplant in Turkey

Have you been watching your hair disappear from your temples and forehead for a long time? Is your head completely depopulated and it seems to you that it is losing more and more hair mass? We want to propose a solution for you to say goodbye to that crown and know the before and after a hair transplant in Turkey. Continue reading and you will be surprised.

The problem of progressive baldness

Do you know what they call the crown of the bald? It is an androgenetic alopecia. It affects a very high percentage of men (one in two) and also some women. The hair begins to fall out from the side area, at the temples and from the front in the front area.

With the passage of time, it becomes more serious and then this fall reaches the crown of the head; in addition, the hair that remains in that area is thinner and shorter. In fact, in many cases, it even changes color. In the end there is only hair on the back of the head and following the shape of a horseshoe advances to the sides.

That is why you must tackle the problem as soon as possible and thus avoid a variable progression of baldness as this can last for years or, in the worst case, for life. But don’t worry, you still have time to act.

Farewell hair crownThe solution to your depopulated crown with a hair transplant in Turkey

Going to get hair in Turkey is a decision motivated mainly by the economic savings for the customer. There are about 300 clinics dedicated to hair transplantation for approximately 3000 euros (or even less as in our case) offer you a complete service of fue turkey.

The procedure is very simple, since all the clinics work more or less in the same way. We have an agency in the country where we manage the whole process comfortably and, of course, in your language. The final price includes flights, hotel, travel, translator and the services provided by the clinic. The first thing we ask from the agency is that you take a series of photographs and send them to the doctor so that he can study them as a first approach. He will decide the aptitude for the transplant and the number of follicles that will need to be grafted.

Once you are transferred to Turkey, the doctor checks your head and proposes the best solution, in case the first diagnosis would not have been the most accurate. In addition, of course, the interpreter will answer any doubts you may have and will explain to you, once again, how the procedure should be performed.

The next day the transplant will be done in a few hours. Two months after the operation you will notice that all the transplanted hair will fall out. Don’t worry, because this is completely normal. From then on you will see how the hair begins to grow and after six months you will see a real change. However, you will have to wait approximately between 12 and 15 months to see your true final image.

So, yes, as you can see, you are going to be able to say goodbye to the crown thanks to the enormous change that a hair transplant in Turkey entails.

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