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Turkey hair transplant: FUE technique

The FUE hair transplant technique consists of extracting follicle units directly and individually. The technique is based on extracting hair from the back of the head and implanting it in areas that are affected by alopecia.

This method is mildly invasive and leaves no scars. There has to be enough hair at the donor area in order to cover the area that receives the transplant.

How the transplant is performed

First stage

The first step when performing the transplant using the FUE technique is to prepare the donor area. A cut of up to 3 mm in length is performed and local anaesthetics are applied both in the donor and the receiving area. The effect of the anaesthesia will last for up to 10-12 hours. During the procedure, the patient may sleep, listen to music, watch television or read.
After the anaesthetics are applied, the phase in which follicles are extracted by means of microsurgery begins, in which units are taken individually without leaving any scars. By using this technique, we can extract various types of follicular units: From one hair, which is more adequate for front areas, or from two or more hairs for areas that require a higher hair density.

Extraction stage

During the extraction stage, the implants will be obtained from the sides and back of the scalp, that after being meticulously transplanted using a microscope, will be carefully introduced via micro incisions to the receiving (hairless) areas. Follicles are extracted individually from the donor area and re-implanted at areas that exhibit hair loss (between 35 and 40 units per square centimetre). The extraction is performed by means of undetectable micro-incisions around each follicle that is chosen for transplant. This is a mildly invasive procedure. The person that receives the transplant will be able to quickly return to his or her everyday life, and the scars are practically undetectable, with no stitches, staples or any signs of a transplant. The post-op is practically non-existent and the hair will continue with its normal growth cycle.

Design stage

Once the follicles are extracted, the design stage follows. The doctor and the patient will decide the best location for the hair to be transplanted based on the desired density and the number of extractions. Thanks to the FUE technique, the hair transplant is tailored to the patient and his or her particular needs.

Post-op stage

The post-op is quite unnoticeable, even though during the first 24 hours the patient will observe a slight reddening of the treated areas. After these first few hours, these signs will start to fade. On a subsequent visit a few days later (included in our package) the process will be studied.
The first few days after the surgery are the most critical; the patient will have to be very careful not to strike the treated area and prevent bumps or scratches. A week later, the patient will be able to wash the affected area. Most of the implanted hair will fall off during the first three months after the operation due to the stress of the operation. The optimal aesthetic result will be achieved half a year after the treatment.

Transplant + Painless local sedation

Hair Transplant + Painless local sedation

Before a capillary implant is performed, a non-painful local sedation is performed directly on the scalp.


The sedation performed so far was the classic needle sedation that provided the medication and the idea of pain due to the puncture was an unpleasant thought.


This has changed, at Global Health we use an alternative solution that offers our patients sedation with a needle-free syringe. It is a small compressed air gun that once activated on the skin, vaporizes the anesthetic through the epidermis without causing any pain to the patient.




√ NO HARMFUL: we will only feel a slight pressure in the area where it is applied.


√ MUCH REDUCED SEDATION TIME: With this approach we can better control the amount of medication and therefore the effects are not as long-lasting as the classic needle anesthesia.


√ NO FEAR: As a general rule, needles are not very friendly to any patient, so the problem of fear of needles is solved at the root.


√ SPEED: The process is much faster and more efficient than the classic needle injection.


√ EU STANDARDS: This system is safe, has been tested and proven by the European Union of Health in accordance with the EU Directive 2010/32/EU, transposed by Order ESS/1451/2013, of 29 July.


Thanks to this innovation we want to offer a comfortable, comfortable, safe and painless hair grafting service.