8 myths about hair that are not true

In addition to being curious and making us a little more cultured, this post about 8 myths about hair that are not true has been written to help you understand a little better, and in a curious way, how hair growth works and so that you can also get a better idea, even, about the pre-implantation diagnoses we perform. Let’s see them!

The lies we’ve always heard about hair

These are 8 great myths that we have always heard here and there about our mane but that, definitely, are not true. We explain to you what they really have or why these erroneous conclusions have been reached.

It grows for us after we have died

When we die our cells also do it and, with them, the ones in charge of making our hair grow, obviously. This is a visual effect that is produced by the retraction of the skin, among other things, by the lack of hydration it suffers.

Hair transplant mythsStress causes gray hair

Yes and no. The stress of everyday life produces hair loss in a much more evident way than gray hair. It is for this reason that it is possible that these are more appreciated because the hair that falls out is the color while these are precisely those that remain on our scalp before this pathology, because gray hair do not fall out, and this is true.

However, it is also true that in a very stressful situation there have been cases in which, in effect, the color of the hair has been lost. Famous examples are those of people who have entered prison or who have parachuted for the first time.

Even so, these are completely punctual episodes and we can assure you that, following the usual rhythm of life, you will not look gray because of stress.

It gets stronger when you cut it.

It is the appearance that gives because we see it thicker, but this is only because we have removed the tip, which is thinner and weaker, and we are seeing a cross section of hair that obviously has a larger diameter.

If you pull out your gray hair they come out more

Gray hair appears when we stop producing pigment. Therefore, that hair, every time it comes out again, either by natural fall or because you pull it out, will turn gray, but not because it has been pulled out but because it has lost its color forever.

Hair cut mythsHeaters cannot be used in the wet

They can be used in the same way and do not damage the hair anymore because of it. What makes this one lose health is that we need more passes to dry the hair and then mold it, but not for the fact of using the devices on wet hairWhat is the right temperature to wash our hair? Find out in our previous post.

Baldness is hereditary

Again, yes and no. There is hereditary alopecia, but it is only one of several types of baldness. Many others can be treated and reversed, actually seeing our hair grow back. Contact us for information about a hair transplant in Turkey.

Onion as an anticaída

As in the previous case, this will work if the type of alopecia is not related to genes or hormones; if so, forget it and use a shampoo with a more pleasant aroma and that cleans better, which is what it should be used for.

The dye makes us prone to baldness

There is no relationship between the two circumstances. What does happen is that with the successive application of dyes the hair is damaged, drying and weakening, making it easier to break, but not that it falls out because it has not produced alopecia or much less.

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