What does your hair reflect on your personality?

In Global Health we know about the importance of the hair. Although beliefs about the relationship between our hair and our own person are not very entrenched (its maximum splendor was in ancient Greece), the truth is that there is a certain reflection of the second in the first. Do you want to know what your hair reflects on your personality?

The Walker brothers, Catherine and John have carried out a study which indicates that hair has a very strong impact on our social relations and that, in addition, the appearance is, to some extent, a symbol of our personality and character.

Your personality according to your hairstyle

Let’s see what the way you comb your hair or just let it grow can tell us about you.

Stingray in the left hemisphere

Whoever carries the line on the left side of the head lets us see a sincere personality, which is worthy of trust. Look at this because it is the hairstyle of many of the most successful men of the moment. This is because people who comb their hair in this way are generally more popular and, best of all, strong; both characteristics, coupled with effort, are characteristic of people who achieve success.

The brothers give us as two clear examples Chris Evans and John Wayne. And it is true!

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Stingray in the Right Hemisphere

The line on the right side is not very common and is conceived as a symbol of a double-edged personality, one of those that impose respect and we do not know if for better or for worse, depends on which eyes you look at it.

In general, people who have their hair combed with a line on the right side of their head tend to be unsocial or, better said, with particular characteristics that make the social process something limited to situations of importance and with people who are truly worthwhile; they seem asocial but simply choose well with whom to relate and do not like to waste time. They are people who make the majority uncomfortable because of this characteristic based on not trying to please everyone.

The personality is quite open and even radical and the person is considered truly atypical. Even so, their degree of attractiveness is above that of others. We are given the example of Tom Cruise or Al Gore.

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No stripe hairstyle (following the direction of the eddies or backwards)

The one who wears hair without a stripe is the ones who find the most balance. Their confidence is very important and they stand out for their intelligence, like Matt Damon.

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Very short hair

They offer a sense of masculinity and dominance, although it doesn’t have to be real. Power is perceived in being people, and although it doesn’t have to be a personality trait, we do encounter influential people who exude authority.

So… what about you then? What does your hair reflect on your personality?

No matter where you comb your hair, the important thing is that you feel comfortable with your it. If this is not the case, do not hesitate to contact us to consider the hair graft as an option to change your life.

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