Hair transplant using the DHI technique

Despite the fact that the FUE technique is the most widespread because of its very good results, the truth is that in hair surgery there are also some other alternatives. On this occasion we will talk to you about hair transplantation using the DHI technique so that you can learn more about the procedures available and consider, together with a professional, which is the most appropriate for your situation.

What is hair transplantation with DHI?

Start by indicating that it is also known as the one-step FUE method, as you may have read or heard it this way; it is exactly the same as the DHI technique.

For the patient and his/her mane, DHI means high hair density, rapid healing, an absolutely natural result and control over the direction of growth, something to consider in many cases, all with an outstanding success rate, i.e. a minimum number of hairs that can be lost.

Grafting procedure by DHI

As in the case of the FUE method, follicles are extracted from a donor area and then introduced into microperforations in the recipient area, which has a lower density of hair.

The first difference is found once the follicles have been extracted, since in the case of FUE, a short period of time is allowed to pass until the graft is started. DHI involves an immediate introduction of the follicle into the corresponding incision. That is to say, it is worked by extraction-graft and so on continuously, which supposes a greater consumption of time.

This means that, depending on the number of follicles to be grafted, sometimes two or even three sessions have to be carried out. If you need a small or medium coverage, of course, a single session will suffice.

Turkey DHI technique

However, it also has a positive point, which is a higher growth rate because, so to speak, the follicle is still fresh when introduced, running out of nutrients for only a tiny portion of the time. Want to know more? Find out why transplanted hair doesn’t fall out.

Growth of grafted hair using the DHI technique

Very few days after the intervention we realize that there are already changes in our hair, growing some and falling others (do not worry that this is normal and come back out to stay, now, definitively).

Little by little, you will see that the direction of hair growth is given in a very satisfactory way, as you have agreed with the expert. By having much more time, each follicle is grafted in a totally precise way, studying the situation and characteristics of the hair.

Direct Hair Implant method

In this way, you will see that soon, a few months later, very natural results can be seen, obviously, after the corresponding process of accommodation and initial hair loss.

It is also interesting to finish by commenting that the needles used, which are micro scalpels, are very thin, so that healing takes place much faster, with less risk of infection and leaving an invisible mark on the scalp.

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