Hair transplant fashion in Turkey

Hair transplant fashion in Turkey is unstoppable. Although this great service, which includes everything, has been offered in many countries of the continent for some years now, the truth is that now is when the big boom is happening.

Medical tourism is nothing new, we go to places where certain treatments are considerably cheaper. However, hair transplantation in Turkey goes far beyond a purely economic issue.

Why was this hair transplant trend created in Turkey?

As we say, not everything obeys what the pocket dictates.

Unsurpassed medical expertise

To begin with, this is the country where you have the most experience in this field. Here we find, without difficulty, 250 institutions including hair implant clinics and health hospitals that offer the service.

The best professionals, those with an impeccable reputation and an important number of years of experience behind them, work in them, especially those focused precisely on tourism.

Favouring policy

It is the government of the country itself that encourages this type of tourism, even offering subsidies to the clinics that are dedicated to it. In fact, there is even the possibility of creating tax-free zones for foreigners designed exclusively to deal with health issues.

Despite the fact that more than one million foreign patients have already been registered, this medical tourism policy in Turkey aims to double the number in the near future. This undoubtedly increases the efforts to offer an impeccable service.

Full service

But, without a doubt, what has made the hair transplant trend in Turkey so popular is the comprehensive service offered, which makes you feel at least as special as if you were going to a clinic in UK.

  • Those that are considered the best airlines in the world, Turkish Airlines, will be in charge of taking you to and from UK and Turkey.
  • You have a private chauffeur at your disposal so that you can comfortably travel from the airport to your hotel, to the clinic and back to the airport. That way, you don’t have to worry about anything when it comes to getting around town.
  • You will stay in a 5 star hotel, spending three comfortable nights in the exclusive center of Istanbul. The location of the Dedeman Hotel makes it ideal for you to enjoy and, of course, to go sightseeing in this beautiful place.
  • Private translator available at the clinic. In this way, the communication will be bidirectional and fluid, being able to understand perfectly all the treatment and seeing how all your doubts are answered.
  • Of course, you will also have pre-treatment visits for a personalised blood test and analysis.
  • The hair transplant, using the FUE method, will be performed directly by the famous Doctor Ugur Altuntas.
  • The price of this all-inclusive service is only $2.190, a figure that in UK we do not even dream of. You can make your dream come true for a lot less than you think.
  • There is also the possibility of financing, so your only concern will only be to have the hair you always wanted.


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