Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Istanbul

To leave something as important as the health of our hair and scalp into the hands of someone else is not easy. Therefore, whoever is determined to do so spends hours and hours researching which is the most appropriate option.

Today we tell you why we are the best hair transplant clinic in Istanbul and why you should choose us to schedule your trip from UK.

Why is Global Health the best hair transplant clinic in Istanbul?

Let’s look at the reasons, which are not few, why Global Health is the excellence’s choice for a hair trasplant in Turkey.

Facilities that cover all needs

Our facilities are equipped with all the comforts that may be required at any time of treatment. We have state-of-the-art equipment and highly qualified personnel capable of carrying out each of the steps of the medical-aesthetic treatment in the most optimal way possible.

You will be able to enjoy ample and clean spaces, friendly, helpful and professional staff and a maximum level of comfort that will make your stay with us a delight.

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The only approved agency in our country

At the moment, we are the only agency in UK that is approved to offer this type of health tourism service.

We offer a guarantee certificate

Today, we are also the only ones to offer a certified 90% success guarantee on the graft. This means that at least 9 out of 10 implanted bulbs will have healthy hair buds.

Exclusive treatments with Dr. Ugur Altuntas

The hair transplants performed by Global Health come, all of them, from the hand of the renowned doctor Ugur Altuntas. They ignore that, in order to provide total care and that the service is unique and exclusive, we only see three patients at most per day. In this way, we ensure that we spend as much time as necessary with each of our clients.

The distinguished one works the FUE technique as the best option for a hair transplant, with which he can implant up to 5500 hair bulbs, making it possible to obtain, with the passage of the months, a high density of hair.

In addition, to make this treatment comfortable, we offer translation services with a bilingual professional.

Hair transplant doctor

Pre and post treatment

Of course, we don’t just perform the graft. Before that, we make sure of your situation by carrying out the corresponding medical analyses. Afterwards, we stimulate hair growth with a double technique and carry out a follow-up.

Stay and transfers included

Finally, and as an important detail, indicate that we cover your stay and your transfers airport-hotel-clinic and vice versa. In this way, we avoid any kind of worry to the patient, who will not see the fact of changing country as something negative but as an opportunity to discover the world.

You won’t have to worry about looking for a hotel, calling taxis, getting to know the public transport park. We make sure that your stay in the capital is complete and perfect during the three days necessary to carry out the treatment.

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