Can a hair transplant be performed in summer?

We are often asked if a hair transplant turkey can be performed in the summer. The short answer is yes, of course, but, of course, we want to show you a little bit of where this question comes from and, most importantly, the care you should take if you feel like getting hair at this time of year.

The summer hairdressing intervention

In fact, as we indicated at the beginning, there is no problem getting a fue hair transplant in the hottest months of the year. Nor can we consider that it is the most appropriate time but, of course, you will be able to be operated on without any type of problem.

The process is carried out in exactly the same way as if you schedule the operation for any other date. A complete prior diagnosis is made, the results, subsequent care and so on are reported and, if an intervention is considered highly successful, a date will be chosen regardless of the month.

Post-intervention care

This is the point that we believe has spread the rumor, legend or false information that says you can not perform a hair implant turkey in summer.

And it is precisely that care is an enormous part of success, as important as the intervention itself. The two go hand in hand.

What happens is that some of the points to consider are more recurrent in summer, which means that there may be greater difficulty or discomfort when carrying out this care. However, as you can imagine, these indications can be followed perfectly, which is why we indicate that there is no problem whatsoever in carrying out the intervention.

Hair Transplant in Summer


Both chlorine and salt will be harmful, so you will have to avoid beach, pool and spa for at least a month. This is very important because these elements could modify the hair cycle.


You should prevent UV rays (both natural and tanning booth) from hitting your head. Therefore, you should spend a couple of days at home and, if possible, you will have to go out with some kind of cover such as cap, scarf or hat, also avoiding, as far as possible, the hours of higher temperature. Use, whenever possible, capillary protection sprays.


If you are a sports lover, we have to tell you to relax; you will have to wait, at the very least, two weeks to make such an effort again, particularly through sweating. If the sport is of contact we will delay the date two more weeks, because the grafts can be detached.

Hygiene and cleanliness

You need to keep your scalp clean. Since over-washing is not entirely positive, it’s best to keep the scalp and hair from getting dirty, so it’s best not to make any effort to sweat as little as possible.

When you have to clean yourself, something essential, when you can, after going to the beach and swimming pool, do a gentle wash, without rubbing and without recreation, using neutral pH shampoos and adding (and alternating) specific care as time goes by.


You’ll have to avoid pressure in the area. That’s why you won’t be able to wear swimming caps (something you can’t take for granted because you can’t go swimming, but just in case), helmets or anything that does.

Toxic substances

We know that the summer invites us to have some drinks. However, you will have to avoid alcohol (and also nicotine), for at least 10 days to promote proper healing.

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