Requirements for good hair transplant results

As with all other medical interventions, there are a number of requirements for good hair transplant results.

Factors involved in the outcome of a hair transplant

Let’s see which are the aspects that condition the results of this successful medical-aesthetic treatment.


At first, you can have a hair graft at any age. However, there are reasons why it is advisable to opt for this between the ages of 30 and 40.

This is due to the fact that before the donor hair can be in an unfinished phase and, therefore, become hair that falls out with time, once it has been grafted in the areas of alopecia, so that, once again, they would become sparsely populated.

On the other hand, the areas of alopecia have already been more or less defined, so the distribution of the follicles will be more accurate.

At an older age, hair loss becomes unstable, which means that it first requires a stabilizing treatment that may not work 100% and, therefore, the patient’s characteristics are not ideal.

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The difference between men and women is simply that their baldness is different. While men are always depopulated from the same areas and in a very defined way, women lighten unpredictably, each patient comes with totally different needs.

In addition, the areas of alopecia are very diffuse and, in general, are never limited so we do not know what will happen, over time, around the grafted hair.

Hair transplant woman

Characteristics of the hair

Obviously, the characteristics of your hair will cause the results to change completely.

Generally, curly, thick, elastic, and melanin-rich hair makes the procedure and results better visually. With these characteristics, work is carried out both on the distribution of the follicles and on the concealment of the grafts.

Hair Density

The density of the hair in both the recipient and donor areas is crucial to achieving satisfactory results. Obviously, the more area with alopecia, the more hair is needed and, unfortunately, the more difficult to conceal the treatment will be.

Also, if there are no dense donor areas, no follicles can be removed for grafting.

Hair transplant Istanbul results

Stability of alopecia

This last factor is an indispensable one among the requirements to obtain good results in a hair transplant.

This is the main problem that, as we have mentioned, most women have. The doctor must know, in rough terms, what the response of the recipient area and its surroundings will be, so that he can predict the results and future possibilities.

When you decide to have more information about this complete hair transplant in Turkey service you will find that, in essence, these are the aspects that will be discussed when it comes to informing you about the results and the possibilities.

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