Hair transplant in Turkey for young people

Putting on hair is something that is thought and decided with age. In general, the average patient in our clinic is a 45-year-old Caucasian man and beyond. However, that does not mean that there is no hair transplant service in Turkey for young people.

You may have heard that those under a certain age cannot or should not have a graft. There really is some truth to it, but this does not mean, at all, that it is an unbreakable rule. In fact, it all depends on hormones.

Can young people get hair?

The short answer is “of course.” However, some considerations have to be taken into account, especially one related to, as we say, hormones.

What happens is that, at a younger age, it is more difficult to know if the donor area will be stable. In addition, if we know that it will not be and we perform the graft, over the years it will begin to depopulate, so that the success of the intervention will only be permanent.

Hormone thing

What happens is that the hair of what is known as the “donor zone”, in general, is very resistant to the hormone DHT. This means that its constitution is more iron and that it is much more difficult for them to fall, and may, in fact, never do so.

Over the years and with a good diagnosis, a professional can know if the patient’s follicles are resistant to that hormone and to what extent. In addition, we not only talk about whether the doctor knows it or not, but obviously, at a younger age, greater hormonal instability and, therefore, greater involvement.

Turkey hair transplant

If you do not make a good diagnosis and you are grafted a follicular unit affected by DHT, it will end up falling over time. That is, you have to be clear that the follicle that you are going to put in the bald area will remain there, something that is unlikely the younger you are at the same time the harder it is to determine.

Hormones, graft and age

In general, the perfect patient for a hair transplant Turkey to be highly successful will be 33 years old and up. The lower the number, the greater the hormonal movement and, therefore, greater instability.

However, after 25 years if we can get a little idea of ​​how affected the follicles are and what their future will be. Obviously, if these are going to fall and we are not able to find a donor area dense enough, the patient is informed. However, if we verify that, although there are affected follicles, there are others that show good resistance, there is no problem in performing the intervention and this will be successful at fue Turkey.

In short, the essential thing is to undergo a diagnosis in which the stability – or not – of the donor area can be established. With the information that the doctor obtains, it will be time to consider, between the two, whether or not to continue, as we say, being young is not incompatible with putting on hair; You just have to check that the result will remain.

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