How does losing hair affect an early age?

Although this is not the most common situation we see in consultation, the truth is that there are many young people who, for different reasons, also suffer from alopecia to different degrees. We would like to address this issue today on how hair loss affects an early age and, of course, give some advice to address the situation and retain or stop this hair pathology.

Effects of losing hair from a young age

Juvenile alopecia

There are many reasons why you can suffer alopecia, not only age matters. Therefore, not only older people lose hair, if we suffer from the factors that produce it, we can all pass.

This loss can come both gradually and suddenly and in large quantities, thinning little by little or by areas, it also depends on what is causing his fall.

A diet that is poor in nutrients and rich in processed fats and sugars can be very negative in this respect. Let’s not forget that hair is regenerated thanks to the contribution of nutrients that we give to our body and that allows each cell to do its job.

The same happens if we drink little water, something that often happens with those who feed inadequately, H2O is needed to transport those nutrients.

Of course, stress plays an essential role at an early age. University, work (or absence of work), social commitments, new responsibilities… Without a doubt, one goes through a lot in a short time and this affects us.

Aggressive treatments, pure genetics and other conditions make that, separately or together, we can lose a good amount of hair before we even realize it.

Looking for a treatment for hair loss at an early age

Of course, the feeling when we realize this is pretty strong. We are having symptoms of a pathology that is considered “old,” so of course. The dramas become owners of our acts, believing that if now “we are like this” to know how we will be then. Haircuts, internet searches, confusion and discouragement are coming. Because, let’s be clear, nobody is going to tell you anything positive, especially if you look for information on websites that are not specialized.

What you should do is let yourself be advised by an hair loss expert, only and exclusively. After that, the type of alopecia will be diagnosed and its origin will be sought in order to remedy it as soon as possible.

It is then when, if the cause is not determined, it is not treatable or the treatments do not have any effect, when we would consider the hair implant.

Remember that youth is not the best age to undergo this treatment. However, it is not something that depends specifically on age but on our hormonal system.

We must study the hormone DHT. If it forms part of our follicles and affects them, the transplant, feeling it very much, will not be successful. However, if the chemical no longer acts on many of these, they could be used to put them in the areas where the hair has fallen out. And, of course, and what our entry today is all about, your self-esteem would improve considerably! If you have any questions contact us at any time.

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