How to maintain healthy hair?

There are many hair problems that, whether you are a man or a woman, you will encounter throughout your life. Knowing how to maintain healthy hair is essential so that the impact of these is minimal, as well as their duration.

Tips for healthy hair

We are going to see quite a few very diverse points in which all professionals in hair transplants must know to maintain a healthy hair, strong, shiny and stay with us for a long time.

Cleaning the hair

The first thing to consider is not to over-wash your hair. This is very common, especially in people who generate a lot of sebum. However, what we are doing with so much hygiene is unbalancing it, not allowing it to generate its protective film, altering the pH, etc.

As for the shampoo, opt for one with a high percentage of natural ingredients, avoiding abrasives and chemicals.

Wash the hair from roots to ends, always in this sense, without rubbing effusively. The same for towel drying, this method is perfect for after transplantation with the FUE Technique.

Repairing treatments

Masks and conditioners should be used with measurement, about once a week. In addition, they should only be applied to affected hair areas, always excluding the root.


Every hair transplant clinic advises spending 4 minutes a day massaging your scalp can be much more beneficial than you think and costs nothing. It becomes more flexible and makes more oxygen reach the hair, feeding it. In addition, you will take advantage of this time to relax.

High quality hair products

Whether you use many or few hair products, the important thing is that they are of the highest quality. Invest in them because it’s investing in health. If you can’t buy five buy two but make sure they are adequate to take care of you.

We also advise you to avoid certain finishing products such as gummies and lacquers, as well as chemicals such as dyes, perms… If you use them, opt for those of natural composition.

Quiet lifestyle

Run away from stressful situations. Take on responsibilities that you can assume, avoid haste, don’t think about what you can’t remedy… Stress and anxiety are horrible for hair; they make it quickly lose its shine and multiply the speed at which it falls.

Complete and balanced diet

Many times you have heard that a good diet is the key to anything. For many, this statement is bullshit, but it turns out to be a great truth, one that no one wants to hear.

It is through food that we get our body to receive the nutrients it uses to carry out all its processes. It is necessary to give it what it needs for each thing and, if we don’t, the cells stop fulfilling their function or do it less effectively. In addition, as vital functions always prevail, hair care is relegated, being, therefore, one of the problems that appear before when we eat little or badly.


The last of the ways you can keep your hair healthy is by protecting it from both UV rays and heat applied by styling tools.

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