Monthly evolution of a hair transplant

Getting hair on is a tough decision. This is a procedure with countless advantages, but it is important to think about it carefully and take a look at the benefits, and one of the factors to consider is how prepared you are to do it. To help you solve this today we want to tell you what the monthly evolution of a hair transplant operation looks like specifically.

In this way, you will be prepared and know exactly what phases you are going through and what this decision will mean in your life over the next few months.

The evolution of the hair graft month by month

Let’s look at the five significant phases of this successful capillary surgery process.

Month 1

A few days after the procedure is performed, the patient will check to see if the area is slightly swollen. This is common and does not mean that there is any problem. The swelling usually subsides on the sixth day.

It is also common to find that small blood clots have appeared near where the incisions were made. They usually do not last more than 2-4 days and dissolve on their own.

Much more lasting will be the redness of the area, which can last for several weeks.

The transplanted hairs begin to lose their hair the third week after the grafting. This is absolutely normal and, indeed, necessary.

Before after hair transplant

Month 2

From the second month onwards you will see that new hairs begin to grow shyly. The overall appearance of the implant will improve, becoming more natural.

It is from this moment that you can cut your hair with scissors and not before. However, it can only be done in the area where the hair has been transplanted and in those areas that have not been affected by the hair implant treatment. To trim in the donor area it is necessary to wait.

Month 3 and month 4

It will be between the 3rd and 4th month that new hair is easily observed. You will see that these are very thin, but their thickness will increase over time.

Parallel to this, acne may occur in the area. It heals quickly and easily if you don’t touch it.

Month 5 and month 6

The fifth month will be the moment when a large regrowth occurs, with hair of up to 7 cm. The axis of this will be thicker.

From the sixth month onwards, you can cut, if you wish, the hair from the donor area; never before.

Before after hair implant

Month 8 to month 10

You will notice how the thickness of the hair has increased considerably as well as its length. Its appearance is now completely natural, similar to the one that will definitely remain.

It is possible that the process may be a little slower in some cases and that the final result will show up in the first year. That this happens is not indicative of anything going wrong; simply, every patient is different.

As you can see, the monthly evolution of a hair transplant operation is completely logical and you’ll see that you’ll soon be enjoying your enviable hair again; don’t wait too long!


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