PRP treatment as a benefit for hair grafting

PRP treatment as a benefit for hair grafting

Platelet-rich plasma treatment, also known as PRP is an essential part of any quality hair graft treatment. For this reason, at Global Health we offer it after each transplant as a technique to stimulate hair growth. If you don’t know what it is, read on because we tell you about it.

What is PRP treatment?

What is PRP treatment?

Plasma is a very rich element of our organism. Among other elements, we find growth factors in it, which is just what a newly grafted follicle needs. It could be said that the treatment is something similar to the special fertilizer we add to a plant we have just transplanted.

The process is a simple one. Plasma is extracted from the patient with these growth-promoting elements and is applied to the patient’s scalp in a syringe. For this purpose, microinjections are used, which make the process painless, not unpleasant and not at all uncomfortable.

This application stimulates the formation of collagen, a protein-like substance found naturally in our tissues. In addition, it causes vascularization in the hair follicle to increase.

The main objective of this treatment outside our practice is to stop hair loss as well as promote its regeneration. However, these objectives are what become, for our patients, the resource to encourage the growth of their new hair. Even though the results of a monthly evolution of hair transplant may vary from patient to patient.

As a minimum, we must dedicate a session at the end of the treatment to achieve benefits from the first moment, acting directly on the hair used and the affected areas. However, it is not surprising that our patients, on returning to their countries of origin, reapply a little more plasma with growth factors, which accelerates the results. However, this improvement depends on very different factors, from the quality of the plasma itself, what has been affected in the donor, recipient areas and so on. Essentially all the minimum requirements for good hair transplant results.

Your Benefits in Hair GraftsPRP is an essential part of any quality hair graft treatment

Your Benefits in Hair Grafts

As we commented to explain what the PRP treatment consists of, the main benefit of its application lies in the way of favouring the growth of new hairs by creating a suitable framework for it.

However, this is not the only thing he is going to offer us.

  • In addition, we find that plasma, rich in platelets, will protect the hair of the area we already have.
  • It will also be essential to improve the healing of the donor area which, obviously, will be damaged and will require a recovery time and some measures and care including this post-surgical treatment.
  • Finally, we cannot stop talking about what it means to inject PRP a posteriori, in a revision. This not only improves the results of the transplant but, very importantly, it manages to control the process of androgenetic alopecia, making it as gradual as possible in each case.

And we arrived to the end of today’s post, we really hope that this post about PRP treatment and its benefits for hair grafting has covered enough materia in order to help you decide which kind of treatment you may need. For further questions or doubts do not hesitate in contacting with us.