Reasons why hair falls out

Alopecia is inevitable on many occasions. However, knowing the reasons why hair falls out can help us, and a lot, in certain moments of our lives when we see the comb full and do not know what to do.

Why does hair fall out?

The common thing is that we lose about 100 hairs every day. There are those who find many more and those who let go less. This depends on several circumstances, among them, the density of the hair itself. However, a hair loss of between 80 and 140 hairs is not abnormal. However, if you consider that in your case the amount is greater, it is very possible that something is happening that facilitates this loss.

There are many factors that produce this fall, although we want to talk to you about those that we can get our hands on, those that allow, through diagnosis, capilar treatment and proper care, the process slows down or even that abnormal loss stops occurring.

Thyroid diseases

The appearance of the hair is affected by hiccups and hyperthyroidism. In the first case, it dries and refines, as well as becoming rigid, characteristics that make a perfect combo to encourage breakage or fall. In the second, we find a generalized alopecia or areata, characteristic of the metabolic acceleration that, among many other things, ages the hair.

What you should do is, while you are treating any of these diseases, forget about using hair supplements and using bristle brushes, which are much softer than other materials used in the construction of combs.

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Vitamin deficiency

Another of the reasons why hair falls out and which, moreover, has an easy solution, is the vitamin deficit. Hypocaloric, hyperproteic or, in general, unbalanced diets mean that we often lack vitamins as well as minerals, nutrients that are found, above all, in fruit and some vegetables (food groups that we usually abandon).

Correcting this problem is as simple as following a balanced diet, rich in vitamins and minerals at the beginning (either by making menus with foods that include a large amount of these nutrients or by taking supplements).

Chemical Poisoning

Although it is not a recurrent case, those people exposed to certain chemical elements end up suffering from alopecia (at least temporary). Arsenic, bismuth, mercury, thallium or boric acid are the most affected.

If this is your case, it is obvious to end exposure to products containing these elements, always complying with all aspects of the regulations on exposure, protection, uses …


Finally, we have stress as another of the reasons why hair falls out, the best known perhaps.

The process that favours hair loss is the secretion of prolactin, which is a hormone with a very variable and unpredictable synergic effect.

See a professional hair therapist and, of course, identify and avoid those stressful situations that make you feel so bad, you will see that soon everything returns to normal.


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