Hair transplants: Tips for falling asleep after the surgery

One of the guidelines to follow (immovable) when performing this procedure or treatment is to touch as little as possible both the hair and scalp. As you can imagine, there are many situations in which it is necessary to be careful, and today we will talk to you about one of them when we give you the best advice to fall asleep after a hair transplant. Without further due the, lets talk about the process that we recommend in Global Health.


Sleeping ritual after a hair transplant

Let’s see what small (and not so much) details will have to be considered for the post-treatment, at least in this aspect, to be perfect.

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To sleep, lie on your back and use a double cushion, a cushion or anything else comfortable to help you stay incorporated. This will also be beneficial to avoid swelling of your eyes, forehead and/or cheeks.

From the tenth day it can be considered that the follicles have been properly sealed. It is from now on that you could adopt the most comfortable posture although our advice is to delay it as much as possible, at least until the 14th day.

Similarly, this will be delayed if adverse effects are noticed, which are not serious but delay healing. Some are sensitivity variation or itching. In these cases, it will be necessary to maintain prudence and to go to a consultation so that a professional evaluates a treatment of help or that simply these guidelines are maintained.

Clean zone

Of course, you’ll have to spend the first few nights in a comfortable and, most importantly, very clean bed. No camping or anything like that. At home or in a hotel, with freshly washed bedding and, if you wish, a soaker or some other piece of cloth on the pillow to keep the hair from getting tangled.

This tonic of using sheets and blankets antitirones or friction will be maintained until the fourth month.

Clean hair

Until you do your first wash you can use seawater, thermal or physiological serum to maintain the hydration of the dermis.

On the fourth day, if everything has gone well, you will be able to wash your hair very gently and following the instructions corresponding to this process. We recommend that you check out this post in order to make sure that you are doing it properly: How to was your hair after a hair transplant.

In any case, you should avoid doing it during the last hours of the day, as your scalp and the scabs that are strengthening the follicles will soften, so it is easier for hair to come off if you move while you sleep.


If all goes well, you will see that the scars heal up fast, reason why you will have to do, still, a few cures. Even so, these should not be done at the last minute before going to bed since they soften the epithelial matter, making it easier for a detachment by friction or a pull.

You will see that these tips for falling asleep after a hair transplant have nothing strange about them. This is a set of preventive measures to basically prevent follicles from falling unnecessarily. As always feel free to contact us in order to resolve any questions or doubts that you may have. ¡See you soon!

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