What does your hair reflect on your personality?

In Global Health we know about the importance of the hair. Although beliefs about the relationship between our hair and our own person are not very entrenched (its maximum splendor was in ancient Greece), the truth is that there is

Benefits of the offer pack for hair graft in Turkey

To undergo a treatment, be it aesthetic, medical or combined, is enough stress. That’s why at Global Health we offer a comprehensive service that is the delight of our clients and that often becomes the reason why our clients choose

Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Istanbul

To leave something as important as the health of our hair and scalp into the hands of someone else is not easy. Therefore, whoever is determined to do so spends hours and hours researching which is the most appropriate option.

Hair transplant for men and women

Hair grafts in men and women is one of the most interesting topics when it comes to alopecia. As you know, hair loss is a problem that attacks both genders, but it can be solved with a follicular microtransplant. In

Requisitos para bons resultados de transplante capilar

Requisitos para bons resultados do transplante capilar Tal como acontece com todas as outras intervenções médicas, há uma série de requisitos para bons resultados do transplante capilar. Fatores envolvidos no resultado do transplante capilar Vejamos quais são os aspectos que condicionam

Requirements for good hair transplant results

As with all other medical interventions, there are a number of requirements for good hair transplant results. Factors involved in the outcome of a hair transplant Let’s see which are the aspects that condition the results of this successful medical-aesthetic

Melhor técnica de transplante capilar, robôs ou manualmente?

Melhor técnica de transplante capilar, robôs ou manualmente? O transplante capilar é uma intervenção que, como a maioria, pode ser realizada de diferentes maneiras. Mas aqui está a forma de obter os melhores resultados com a técnica FUE. Robôs Se

Best hair transplant technique, ¿robots or manually?

Hair transplantation is an intervention that, like most, can be performed in different ways. But here’s how to get the best results with the FUE technique. Robots If you’re looking for information about getting a hair implant, you may have

Why is Turkey the best place to have a hair transplant?

There are many countries that are jumping into the media lately because of their importance in health tourism. Our favourite destination couldn’t be less, and today we’re telling you why Turkey is the best place to have a hair transplant.

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