What’s the right temperature to wash our hair?

There are many things that can affect hair loss, even the most unsuspected. Something as simple as setting the temperature when we get in the shower can affect this and other aspects. Today we are going to tell you what should be the correct temperature at which we should wash our hair.

How does hot water affect hair?

When we use too hot water to wash our hair this is affected in different ways.

The first thing we see is that when the temperature of the water (or steam) is too high our hair fibers increase in porosity, which leads to it being more exposed inside, being easier to break, expelling the color, losing ingredients that make it drier, and so on. We also sweep the natural oils from our scalp (they melt in a process similar to when we use hot water to wash dishes full of grease). This factor is very important to bear in mind, especially if we have had a hair implant turkey.

The latter is interesting for those people who have too dry hair, yes. However, there may be, over time, an opposite effect because our cells generate more fat than they consider necessary to see that we are continually losing it.

Correct temperature wash hair

How does cold water affect hair?

The same goes for cold water, which also influences the health and appearance of our hair.

In this case, we find that washing at a low temperature favours straightening and thus eliminates frizz. This is great for those who have straight or wavy hair with frizz, but not for those who have curls of little marked structure, because they blur, leaving a hair without form.

Other effects that are easily verified are the closing of the scales of our cuticle, which makes the hair much less exposed, keeps the color applied and does not dehydrate, in addition to making the hair shinier and the scalp is oxygenated, making the cells work properly in their functions.

The perfect temperature

There is no ideal temperature for washing your hair. Each one of us has our own characteristics that make one or the other needs be created.

What is evident is that no extreme is good. For that reason, we should not use water neither too cold nor too hot; the sacrifice, which is, will contribute, surely, good things, but to pass with the temperature can have negative repercussions, above all in the health of our skin.

It is best to opt for a temperature similar to that of the environment, a few degrees above in winter and below in summer. Simply place your wrist or elbow under the jet and have a pleasant feeling.

Yes, it is appropriate, to finish, give a final rinse with cooler water because, as we have seen, this is more suitable for both our scalp and the hair itself.

So far this week’s post, we hope you will find it useful and if you want to know if you can perform a hair transplant in Turkey, do not hesitate to read our previous post.

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