Tips for after a hair transplant in Turkey

Do you need to know what you can or can’t do after getting hair and how? Here are some tips for after a hair transplant in Turkey that you should know before you go on an adventure.

Don’t forget that after a hair transplant in Turkey

As much as you need to know, we can make 6 main blocks. These are the following:


The following days after the surgical treatment you will have to avoid, at all costs, your scalp rubbing against anything. This will be very sensitive, especially in the receiving area, so you should not scratch (even if you feel itchy), manipulate the hair or simply caress the head. In addition, it is not only that, but we also have, and much more importantly, that the follicular units are still tender and could fall out.

It’s more than likely you’ll start getting scabs. Although it’s not a pleasant thing to see, we tell you, active and passive, not to remove them, even in the mildest way. If you do so, in addition to running the risk of tearing out the follicles, you will be favouring the area remaining soft and not drying out, so that, on this side, you will also favour the fall of grafted hairs.


For the first two days we recommend simply using physiological serum. Avoid washing your hair for as long as possible.

When you do, create the lather in your hand and apply it to very soft touches; never rub the hair. Rinse with fresh water and again use the touch technique to dry with a towel that no one else uses. You should also use the recommended shampoo for hair grafting until your scabs disappear.


Any sudden movement can cause the hair to pull out, which would cause it to come off without too much effort. This point can include many aspects such as:
– Keep the pose upright and face up when sleeping.
– Rest your head on the sofa with care.
– Do not use helmets, diadems or other elements that are removed from the head if it is not completely indispensable.
– Of course, you can not do any type of hairstyle or attach clips, hooks or others.


Beware of chlorine, salt and the sun going down when you’ve had a hair graft. This is not something typical of a few days but dilates until the first few months.

When you can cover your head without risk, you should get used to it if you are going to spend time away from home during the day, so that you do not get hit by UV rays. As far as salt and chlorine are concerned, they should be avoided both because of the damage they cause to the hair and in order to avoid contamination of the wounds.


Sweat will be your main enemy. Therefore, try not to make efforts until the third week after the hair transplant. This depends on everyone and their amount and ease of sweating but, in general, the sexual act and sport of high impact and endurance are not recommended.


The consumption of excitants such as nicotine or caffeine is strongly discouraged. In addition, alcohol hinders the recovery process and is incompatible with drugs.

As for the consumption of your usual medical treatments, you should let yourself be advised by a professional, as each drug is different.

We hope that the tips for after a hair transplant in Turkey that we have given you resolve your doubts, even if you have some doubts, you can contact us at any time.

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