Tips to prevent hair loss

Although hair loss is one of the great concerns of the first world, the truth is that, with the exception of a few cases in which we can do nothing, it is a situation that should not become something serious and, much less, irreversible. The trick is always to work preventively and take care of ourselves in all aspects. In this occasion, we are going to leave you some simple but useful advices to avoid and to prevent the fall of the hair that you will see that you can follow perfectly without effort.

My hair falls out, what do I do?

If this is your question, if you see that, as the years go by, the density of your hair decreases, if you “see the crown” in friends’ meetings or if you simply want to take care of yourself, don’t hesitate to heed these tips and introduce them into your life as habits; you will notice the results quickly!

Run away from hairstyling devices

Heat is a great enemy of hair health. Therefore, in addition to protecting yourself from the sun whenever possible, limit the use of tweezers, iron or dryer. Whenever possible, let your hair dry naturally and, when you have to use these devices, use a specific protective serum for heat.

Also for chemical treatments

Applying chemical treatments destroys the structure of the hair. For this reason, our advice is that, especially if yours is fine, forget about straightening, perms and highlights. For the dye, opt for brands with natural ingredients.

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Learn how to comb your hair

Do it daily, so that no knots accumulate and, with it, do not mistreat the hair. Do it dry, especially if you have chewing gum in the wet (this happens if you have treated it with light dyes, super lighteners, discolorations, restructurants …). Finally, start with the ends and go up a few centimetres at a time, so that the knots you are dragging do not fall on more knots but on already ordered hair.

Use a suitable shampoo

Take the time to find the right shampoo for your hair type and the characteristics of your scalp. It doesn’t make sense to apply a straightening shampoo if your hair isn’t straight (it doesn’t work miracles) or a dandruff if you don’t suffer from this problem (it will dry your scalp too much), etc. Know how to wash your hair at the right temperature.

As for hairstyles, do not tighten your hair with a ponytail or hooks or other elements. Also, avoid carrying it upright if it is not necessary, for example, at home.

Respect washing

The washroom process is not complex, but neither is it something to which one should not pay attention.

Start by wetting your hair completely. Apply the shampoo gradually so you don’t have to drag the product.

As for rubbing, you must pass your hands from top to bottom to apply the thickness of the product and then, when it has begun to foam, begin, gently, to make circles and never rub with the movement of warming your hands. Dedicate time to the whole process.

If your mane is very dirty, it is worth doing a quick first wash basin, rinse and make a second instead of opting for a longer and more violent one.

Watch out for your diet

Eat everything, increasing the consumption of fruits, vegetables and reduces saturated fat. Bet on the omega and B vitamins and try to consume, also, plenty of protein. Of course, drink as much water as you need depending on your weight and your physical activity; this is essential to nourish the cells of our whole body.

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