Why is Turkey the best place to have a hair transplant?

There are many countries that are jumping into the media lately because of their importance in health tourism. Our favourite destination couldn’t be less, and today we’re telling you why Turkey is the best place to have a hair transplant.

Reasons why Turkey is the best place to have a hair transplant

Let’s see what makes this country the main destination for medical tourism for alopecia.

Travelers seeking a hair transplant

A hair transplant is a process in which hair from the back of a person’s head is placed in an area where there is no hair present. This has splendid results and has a very good recovery, so that patients can achieve a full life in a very short time.

Examples that this practice has spread among Hollywood celebrities include Sylvester Stallone, John Travolta or Matthew McConaughey himself.

Although the country does not stand out in other respects, this type of tourism has begun to proliferate and is now one of the greatest points of wealth, which is why its own government has made a strong commitment and offers substantial aid of all kinds to the health companies that are dedicated to it.

The practice of hair transplantation in numbers

During 2018, an estimated 200 transplants were performed per day. Around 746,000 people have visited the country with the intention of carrying out this capillary intervention and it is estimated that approximately one billion dollars have been generated by patients who come as tourists to receive a hair transplant treatment in Turkey.

Most of them come to this country because the price is very striking, as the procedure is around EUR 2,500, whereas in the United Kingdom it is around GBP 12,000 and in the United States it is around USD 15,000, to give just a couple of examples.

Not to mention that, in addition, the country’s location is very close to most of the countries of the European Union; in just a few hours, those interested can plant themselves there, taking only a couple of days to achieve their dream, recover their beautiful hair and recognize themself again.

The black market for some travel companies

As with all big business, there are always some people who benefit from this, so companies of this type have been created, but without an official license to carry it out. The intention is to have operations carried out in places not intended for this purpose and by people who are not qualified to do so. The government, with knowledge of this problem, has begun to register businesses of this type to discard those that take people’s health as an illegal business.

Therefore, if you are one of the people interested in accessing one of these services, I recommend that you find out in advance about the veracity of the business, to avoid falling into a much bigger problem for your health.

You can review this by checking some websites that have been made available to patients so that they can check whether their references are legal in their country, so that they meet the necessary health conditions and techniques that meet all the recommended parameters, as we do in our capillary implants in Turkey.

A hair transplant is not a game and that is why patients should be the first to be insured in this procedure.

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