When do you see the results of a hair graft?

The key question: when do you see the results of a hair graft? Although in other areas “depends” is the most common (and most logical) answer, when we undergo a hair transplant, the changes occur very similarly between patients. We cannot assure closed dates but, for a few days difference (at most, a week or 10 days), users are showing similar progress.

If you want to know how you are going to look after getting hair and how long it will take for your hair to look completely normal, read on because we are talking about the most important milestones of this post-surgical and recovery process.

Evolution of the results of a hair graft

In Turkey, although we assure you that you will see the results day by day, checking how small but important changes take place, there are a series of milestones that are more than evident and that, in general, patients like very much. These are five and we will show you below.

Third week

Don’t be scared! You may not like the first milestone of your recovery. During week 3 your grafted hairs will fall out. However, this is a symptom that everything is going well (if this happens naturally, of course).

Between the fifth and eighth week

In this period you are going to be very happy because you are going to see your hair grow again in the areas that you had uninhabited, something that did not happen for a long time. This growth, in addition, brings with it a greater naturalness of the hairs that are born, although this will not be its definitive aspect.

Use this month to cut your hair with scissors, if you want, so you can customize your style.

The next two months

This period will also be important for you, because you will see, practically in real time, how the thickness of the hair increases; it is something evident!

time to hair graft

The fifth month

The fifth month will serve to considerably increase your self-esteem, being able to verify that a strong regrowth will take place. New hairs will appear and both the length and thickness of the previous ones will continue to increase. The process continues gradually

From the first year

It is after the first year that your hair will look completely natural, with a definitive result. This is usual, although some people take a little longer, either because they have had problems, for example, healing or simply because the process has been slower. In any case, 18 months after visiting us in Turkey, your mane will look total and absolutely normal.

If you have not suffered any major setbacks during this recovery process (especially during the first few days) you will see that these dates are very much in line with your progress. However, if you have any doubt or aspect that you consider irregular, the best and most important thing is to always consult a doctor so that he or she can take a look.

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